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2023-2025 Cycle One Grant Awardees

Disaster Relief Aid for Maui Fires


Grants season is upon us, and we are excited to welcome Altrusa Clubs and Districts to apply for service project grants, newly chartered grants (for clubs within 12-months of their charter date), and individual grants. Organizations that provide international healthcare are also welcome to apply for Club 21 grants during this cycle of grantmaking.


  • Altrusa clubs and districts are eligible to receive only one (1) grant per fiscal year (June 1-May 31) for a maximum award of  up to $4,000.  If a club or district is awarded a grant in Cycle One (September 15 deadline), the club or district may not apply for a grant in Cycle Two (March 15 deadline). However, if a club or district applies for grant in Cycle One but does not receive funding,  the club or district may apply for funding in Cycle Two.
  • A club or district may not apply for an Individual grant and a service project grant in the same year; the club or district must choose one (1)
  • Newly chartered clubs are eligible to apply for a new charter grant of up to $2,000 within 12 months of their charter date.  A club may also apply for a service project grant up to $2,000 (for a total of $4,000) during the same fiscal year (June 1-May 31) as the awarded new charter grant.
  • A grant applicant may be awarded less than the requested amount. Please consider this when planning service projects and consider alternate funding sources.

The Altrusa Foundation reserves the right to make final decisions on grant funding amounts which are based on the availability of funding and the quality and number of grant submissions.

The Foundation strongly advises clubs and districts to take these new changes into consideration when planning the timeline and available alternate funding sources of service projects for the year.