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Help us build better communities. Make a donation today.

The Altrusa International Foundation relies on the generous support of its members, partners, and the public to advance our work to build strong communities. Your donation makes an immediate impact on healthcare, education, and community service and leadership projects within your local community and beyond. With your gift today, you will support:

  • Disaster Relief Aid
  • Grants Program
  • ASTRA Scholarships
  • Service Awards

Please support the Intentional Acts of Giving Biennium Campaign today!

The biennium consists of 104 weeks, or 104 opportunities to commit to acts of kindness and acts of giving. For as little as the equivalent of $1 per week, or a gift of $104, you can join the ranks of Altrusans committed to furthering the goal of Leading to a Better Community.

Donations to the Intentional Acts of Giving campaign can be done in five levels, each representing the equivalent of an average gift per week, from $1 per week to $25 per week.  What does this gift mean?  Below are actual examples of Altrusa projects at each of the spending levels.  Imagine, your gift of $2,600 could provide apartment furniture and furnishings (kitchen and bedroom) for 2 homeless abused women and her children residing in transitional housing or provide books for 173 head start elementary students.  Select the level that’s right for you and see the impact that your gift could have.

Level 1:  Ally                           $1 /week               Total gift today:   $104          

Level 2:  Builder                      $5 /week               Total gift today:   $520          

Level 3:  Sustainer                  $10 /week             Total gift today:   $1,040                 

Level 4:  Champion                $20 /week             Total gift today:   $2,080                 

Level 5:  Hero                         $25 /week             Total gift today:   $2,600        

Thank you for your GENEROUS support!