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Giving Programs

Your financial gift to the Altrusa International Foundation can be designated for the following Giving Programs:

Club 21

The Club 21 Program was established in 1997 to support children with HIV as a progessive healthcare initiative of the International Foundation leading into the 21st century. Club 21 has since expanded to support summer camps for children who have other diseases and disabilities; as well as international organizations with missions in healthcare and education.

Membership for individuals includes a $21.00 contribution per fiscal year to join Club 21. Individuals receive a “21” recognition pin for the 21st century mission of the program. The club will have a specific focus that can be changed but will continue from one biennium to the next.

The purpose of the Club Level Club 21 is to encourage local Altrusa Clubs (and Districts) to support Club 21. A club (or District) must make a minimum donation of $210 within a fiscal year.

Endowment Fund

Established in 1992, the Endowment Fund is designed to be the legacy for the future and the chief source of income for all charitable activities of the Foundation.

General Support (Where Most Needed)

Funds designated to “Where Most Needed” will support a broad range of the Altrusa International Foundation’s operational and programmatic needs.

Planned Giving

The purpose of the Planned Giving Program is to support the legacy of literacy and community service. Supporters of the Foundation who make a deferred gift will become members of the Altrusa International Foundation’s “Donor Roundtable,” and they will be recognized at the International Convention.

Club Grants

Donors who make contributions to the Club Grants will  support awards to Altrusa Clubs to implement local community service and literacy projects or to assist individuals to receive vocational assistance, start businesses and obtain employment, or to provide graduate school assistance to international students from developing countries.

Disaster Relief

Funds designated to Disaster Relief Aid assist the Foundation’s efforts to provide timely response to district-specific disasters. It also may go to relief agencies to enhance overall first responders’ efforts.

Corporate Sponsorships and Matching Gift Program

The Foundation seeks corporate sponsorships to support its grant-making efforts and special events.


To double the impact of your gifts to the Foundation, if you are employed with a company that offers a matching gift program, please inquire within to maximize the impact of your donation today!