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Grants Programs and Awards

Club 21 Grants Program

Established in 1997, the Club 21 Program is committed to supporting programs for children affected by disease and disabilities; as well as international healthcare curriculum. As members of Club 21, we are given an opportunity to extend a hand to these children and families.

The Grants Program provides financial support to Altrusa Clubs, ASTRA Clubs, and Districts conducting independent projects of community service. Grants range from $250 to $4,000 and are designated for service projects that improve the educational, economic, and quality of life outcomes of communities.

There are two funding cycles each fiscal year: Cycle One (deadline is September 15) and Cycle Two (deadline is March 15).

Grant applications must be submitted electronically to Please do not mail grant applications to the Chicago office.

Please contact with any questions. You may request the applications in Microsoft Word format, if needed.

Altrusa Club Charter Grants


Newly chartered Altrusa Clubs are eligible for a one-time grant in the amount of $2,500 to support a service project.

Disaster Relief Aid

Disaster Relief enables Altrusa to respond immediately to the trauma of natural disasters with swift, direct aid anywhere in the world.

Disaster Relief Aid is available from the Altrusa International Foundation as needed. The International Foundation shall respond to disasters specific to Districts. Monies from this fund may go to another relief agency to enhance overall first responders’ efforts. Requests for disbursements from this fund shall be initiated by a written request from a District Governor to the International Foundation.

Disaster Relief Aid is available year-round. Along with the application, applicants should provide a narrative describing the need and project in 500 words or less, including an estimated number of recipients affected. Disaster Relief Aid should benefit at least 100 community members. The application must also include the name of the non-profit for which the Disaster Relief Aid is requested along with the statement from the nonprofit that describes the need.

Requests of $250-$2,500 may be approved by the Foundation Chair. Requests exceeding $2,500 require approval from the Foundation Board of Trustees.