About the Altrusa International Foundation, Inc.

The Altrusa International Foundation is a not-for-profit, philanthropic corporation established in 1962 by Altrusa International, Inc., a worldwide volunteer service organization devoted to contributing to human well-being through the development and implementation of effective local community service programs. The Altrusa International Foundation is dedicated to improving economic well-being and quality of life through a commitment to community services and literacy.

Since its beginning, the Foundation has provided bold leadership with over 10,000 women earning graduate degrees and beginning successful professional and business careers through its two (2) original programs of assistance, the Grants-in-Aid Program and the Founders Fund Vocational Aid Program.

In 1977, Altrusa became the first volunteer service group to adopt literacy as the focus of its community activities. In response, the Altrusa International Foundation incorporated "Action for Literacy" into its philanthropic focus and established the ABC Literacy Grants program. The Foundation has supported the efforts of countless local literacy councils and programs through its literacy awards.

Today, the Foundation faces new challenges. Responding to the rapidly changing needs of communities, the Foundation has adjusted its focus, enabling it to support new areas of service while maintaining its traditional commitments to vocational services and literacy programs.
2012 Marks the 50th Anniversary of the Altrusa International Foundation, Inc.! This image above shows the original Articles of Incorporation being signed in 1962.


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