Through the Foundation Grants Program, the Foundation provides assistance to individuals and helps Altrusa Clubs carry out the independent programs of community service with funds for vocational assistance; graduate school assistance to international students from developing countries; literacy projects; and community service projects sponsored by local Altrusa Clubs.  Grants range from $250 to $2,000, based on needs and funds available and are subject to specific selection criteria. Altrusa Clubs are limited to one (1) grant per fiscal year (June through May).  The Altrusa International Foundation reserves the right to make all final decisions on applications.

Altrusans may find the Grant Application by logging into the private side of the International Foundation website. 

Deadlines for both project and individual grants are as follows:

Grant Application Due Date to the

Altrusa International Foundation Office


  Funding Decision


  Grants Awarded

                              September 15th

          October 31st

            November 30th

                                March 15th

           April 30th

               May 15th


For Non-Altrusans: Applications are available only through local Altrusa Clubs and individuals and projects must be sponsored by an Altrusa Club. Please contact the Club in your local area for more information. 

Altrusa International of Garland, Texas set up a Children's Reading Corner with a grant provided by the Altrusa International Foundation, Inc. This small reading corner offers children a chance to appreciate books while in the waiting room at Hope Clinic. For the children without books at home, or those unexposed to reading in English, they have the opportunity to take home a book where it can be enjoyed over and over again.
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